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Best home assistant apps for your smartphone

So, several programs will help you arrange your household correctly, systematize all your bills, and even simplify the process of repairs and relocation. Pay attention to the best mobile home Economics apps.This is not even an app but a whole social network that brings people together. Users can share their successful experience in solving some tasks, advise on repairs, interior design, gardening, etc. At the same time, you can find the answer to any question you are interested in. This is a live and continuously updated do-it-yourself guide with real photos, recommendations, and helpful comments. And you can always chat with the user who posted some advice or life hack.

The range of topics covered by the app is limitless, and they all relate to the household. To make the search more convenient, all tips and articles are divided into categories – technology, food, life, games, practical lessons, outside the home, etc. The application is distributed free of charge on Android, iOS, and Windows.
To never lose things or forget about them, you can use the free Lookcheker app.
So, it is enough to work once, and take a picture of each item, make a particular note to it, indicate where it lies. In the future, you can create combinations of different things in the app, put geotags if you have appeared somewhere in it. Information about the content can be updated regularly: delete damaged, lost, or discarded items, add new items, etc. And before any trip, you can quickly create a list of what to take.
This application will be useful for all those who are engaged in repairs or want to refresh the design of the house a little. The resource collects many interior ideas, specialists, designers, and ordinary users who can boast of successful experience and advise something.
The program is simple enough to find precisely the style of interior that you need. You’ll even be able to find a similar room and chat with those who are involved in their design. Also, experts can answer some questions about finishing, furniture, and accessories, solve a problem, or advise a professional architect or designer. The program is distributed free of charge and is available to Android and iOS users.
Bill Minder
The app is useful for all those who forget to pay their bills on time, pay for apartment rent, phone, and other services. Just enter the data in the program once when you need to pay the receipts. You can also add information about other regular payments, such as loans, Internet, rent, some courses, and so on. Then the app itself will remind you what to do and when to do it. The program will highlight all the necessary days in the calendar in different colors.
The difference from a simple calendar is that the application can analyze user data and provides the ability to view statistics after a certain period. This way, you will be able to understand what more money is spent on, and where it would not hurt to save money.
Kitchen Stories
Sometimes even the most sophisticated cook has no ideas about what to cook. And in this case, the Kitchen Stories program comes to the rescue, which will be useful to all users without exception.
The app combines a lot of exciting recipes with a step-by-step guide, photos, and videos. Everything is described clearly so that anyone can handle it. And to make it much easier to navigate, the developers have organized a convenient search system. So, you can find recipes that will take a strictly defined time to implement, and you can choose dishes according to the complexity of cooking, and so on. All recipes are divided into categories. For each recipe, the calorie content is indicated. There is also a convenient convector for the number of necessary products to consider as accurately as possible.
All descriptions are presented in the most straightforward and most understandable language; the choice of different dishes is incredible. Also, the app is distributed for free.
Home Routines
This is a good app that won’t let you forget that you haven’t washed the dishes or washed the Laundry yet. If you have many things to do, then such a service can come to the rescue. Initially, you need to enter all the routine homework in the program, set the time for it, specify the frequency of execution, etc. And then the application itself will not let you forget about something, effectively reminding you of your responsibilities. For each completed task, the program rewards the user with a star and increases the rating.
Moving Guru
Moving is not an easy task, which requires maximum organization from a person. After all, you need to keep a considerable amount of information in your head simultaneously. Besides, all the planned things need to be done on time, and for this, you need to plan your time very clearly. The Moving Guru app is a good assistant. It is a kind of organizer that helps you keep everything under control, calculate the cost of services, etc. The app can even send out a message to all your friends on the day you finally move out.
Moving Van
The app is another assistant when moving, whose task is to organize your things. Usually, everything you need both for repairs and moving are put in boxes. Wise people came up with the idea of numbering them and making lists of what they put together. And software developers have transformed all this into a more convenient and visual form. When packing goods, enter the box number in the app and take a photo of the entire contents.

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