Before You Sleep Inside Any Nigerian Hotel, Take Note Of These 4 Things

Spending the night in a hotel is a common thing among many Nigerians, especially travellers or business men. Most of the times, we may arrive certain locations late and we have no other option than to stay in a hotel until the next day, it is even now a normal thing for young people to lodge into a hotel and stay for a particular period of time, before leaving all in the name of catching fun.

However, I see It alright for you take care of where you stay and notice what is around you, before you lodge in any Nigerian hotel. Because we have heard and also seen some cases where by people get themselves into trouble by just staying in a hotel room


This is usually because, most people are careless about the situation around them, and do not care about performing some petty safety precautions before using the hotel.Hence, in this article I will be showing you four things you should do before sleeping in any hotel. Always ensure you perform these security precautions, before using any hotel whenever you are traveling.

1. Check if the hotel uses manual or election gadgets.

The first thing on the list is to find out if your hotel uses manual or electronic gadgets. Some hotel make use of electronic gadets like digital cards as their keys instead of the old fashioned steel keys or locks. It is best that you make use of hotels with manual keys or locks, because those with electronic ones, can easily be hacked or accessed illegally which mag harm you.

2. Check for Installation of Secret Camera: Do you know you can be watched and no one would know, the use of camera are now widely in function, so before you lodge into any hotel, check so you are not watched illegally. Many Scandals about so many celebrities are been aided by this, and I know you don’t want to trend in suc

3. Check If The Door Is Functioning: Some key locks or doors are no longer functioning properly, and can not protect the hotel users. Please check them very well and be sure it is functioning adequately.

4. Check out the Security set up of the environment: In most cases hotels are no hidden places, they are usually located close to the road or police station, some may have special patrol watching over your security, so before you lodge in, Check out the security measure put in place in the hotel you are staying, the behavior of their workers an also the privacy level of such hotel.


If you find anything suspicious or uncomfortable with you, it’s best you look for another hotel to stay. Please ensure your security especially when using hotels or lodges in the country.

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