Before marriage, I want to find my hubby’s water spirit wife and appease her before getting married – Actress Sylvia Ukaatu

Nollywood actress, Sylvia Ukaatu has addressed the causes of broken marriage in the industry and how she would deal with her own marriage.

In an encounter with Inside Nollywood, the single mother of one says, “Most marriages face crisis and misfortune because of the third person (the unseen water spirit) in the union. This water spirit does not only affect the female but also the male. Even in our sub-consciousness we find ourselves having sex.

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It’s not just a dream; it is also a reality in the underworld. When a marriage begins to have problem and you can’t have a hold on what the problem is, then it is either the wife or the man has a connection with water spirits.”

Ukaatu, who is currently on location, added: “Don’t quote me wrong; water people are the nicest people on earth if you discover on time and treat them right. Most men suffer setbacks in business not because they didn’t plan well but because they got married without appeasing the water spirit and their personal gods (Chi).

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Do not allow anybody fool you that it doesn’t exist; 99% of Africans especially the Igbo have connection with water spirit. For me, I look out for my God ordained husband. When I marry him, I’ll enjoy all round peace. To achieve that, I’ll do what we call Iju ase to know the parents’ background and also make findings about his spirit wife.”


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