Beautiful lady dies after she revealed this to the public

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When it comes to the CoronaVirus, everyone expected that 2021 would be a lot better than 2020, but it appears that things have only gotten worse.

order cenforce The Covid-19 has struck harder this year than previous, but the fight is far from done.

The virus has taken more people this year than it did last year, it has affected more than 100 million people globally.

Just like any other virus there is in the world, the buy genuine provigil Covid-19 affects people differently, some will have no symptoms at all through out the time with Covid-19, some will have mild symptoms and their differ from one person to another.

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The are people who will experience more severe symptoms, symptoms that are serious that probably need hospitalization. At this point most patients who have severe symptoms will have trouble breathing and need assistance with oxygen from hospitals.

This is the case to facebook user named @Fiona Juma, her symptoms got severe to a point where she was hospitalized and she needed oxygen.


She revealed that she was in hospital and she had been trying to get oxygen for days and hours, she added that her oxygen levels are 52 at the moment and she could barely walk and talk.

She was told that oxygen was no longer available for her.

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This persisted and she unfortunately passed away. May Her Soul Rest In Peace.


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