Be Fruitful And Multiply: Father Of 23 & Fifa Referee Ace Ncobo Plans To Take A Fourth Wife And Have More Children

South African Fifa Referee and media personality Ace Ncobo is trending on social media after it emerged that he has fathered 23 children.

55-year-old Ace Ncobo literally took Genesis 1 verse 28  which says “Be Fruitful and Multiply” into practice as he has fathered 23 children with 3 wives and intends to have more children and marry another wife.


Ace Ncobo (Image Credit: Twitter via@iDiskiTimes)


Speaking to News24, Ace Ncobo said as long as the ancestors and God continues blessing him, he will not stop having more children.

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“Our creator and ancestors are the ones who give us these blessings called children. As long as they continue blessing us, we shall never reject the call to be parents to more.”


The Fifa referee had his first child at the age of 22 and delivered the baby himself. As of 2022, his first child is aged 32 whilst his youngest child turned a year old in August.

The proud father 23 told the publication that he is a present father.  He said that even though his children stay in five different cities in South Africa, he ensures that he makes time for each of them and even attends their school sports matches.

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Ace Ncobo implored fathers to be present in their children’s lives.

“No matter how your upbringing was, no matter what challenges you face, no matter how sour the relationship with the mother, never ever shirk your fatherly duties. No child deserves to grow up with an absent father.”

He gushed over his wives for raising their children so well. He described them as superb mothers.

“It’s a tough, full-time 24/7 job! But I must say that I’m blessed with having fathered children with women who are superb mothers. There’s a beautiful collaboration amongst them and they don’t treat any of the children according to whose womb he or she came from,”he said.

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