Former BBNaija star, Ceec, is dishing out sizzling shots on IG today, with these sultry swimwear photos.

See another one below

Weeks ago, Wale Jana, Saphire Boss made some surprising revelations about the controversial reality star. Sleekgist report.

After Ceec ambassadorial deal with Sapphire scents ended and was never renewed, many felt it was because she spoke up against Jana during the Fatoyingbo rape scandal.

Sapphire scents’ boss has revealed why they had to fire Ceec twice even after she came back to beg as an alleged ‘ problematic anmbassador…

He wrote:

.”…Signing the wrong brand ambassador; I hear people say we let her go because she didn’t support me. The truth is she had been a problem from the very beginning and we had fired her twice before that time. She had to fly to Abuja with her own money for our last event and she came to beg, I am surprised to hear that she left because she was too expensive 🤣🤣🤣We fought every time to get her to even post as an ambassador, you are just a one year old celebrity and you want to be competing with the Senior Prefect @tontolet she also couldn’t get along with anyone, it was always one drama or the other. When she left and @bammybestowed and @reginadaniels came on board we had peace and so much unity, our creativity also moved to the next level…..Mistakes could be painful but that pain sets you straight, you will be smarter next time. Now I know what I wouldn’t do in 2020 and you should learn from this as well.

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