Winner of BBNaija shine ya eye edition, Hazel Oyeze Onou, also known as Whitemoney, started trending on the internet after his unveiling at the big brother Naija house.

BBNaija: Five times Whitemoney made fashion statements with outfits

He is the winner of Big Brother Naija season 6.

BBNaija Whitmoney described himself as a full-fledged Igbo man because of his hustling spirit.

Birth Name

Hazel Oyeze Onou



Known for

Big Brother Naija Show 2021

Date of Birth

6th July 1992



State of Origin

Enugu state.


Lagos state

Early life and background of BBNaija Whitmoney

BBNaija Whitmoney was born and raised in the eastern part of Nigeria, specifically Enugu state. BBNaija Whitmoney was born on 6th July 1992. His mother was a food seller during his childhood.

BBNaija Whitmoney lives in Lagos, where he carved out a niche for himself through his entrepreneurial skills.

Life has not been all pink for the 29-year-old lad. BBNaija Whitmoney entered Lagos to look for greener pastures; he lived under the bridges in Lagos. BBNaija Whitmoney hustled as an Okada rider in Lagos.

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BBNaija Whitemoney, in his own words, said, “I’ve done photography, fixed tiger generators, and fixed telecommunications mast; all because of the hustle and bustle”. His entrepreneurial ability also made him venture into barbing, selling hair products, jewellery and singing.

BBNaija Whitemoney’s personality

BBNaija Whitemoney is described as an open-minded and fun individual with a unique aura. BBNaija Whitemoney sees himself as an individual who is strategic yet poses a down-to-earth personality.

According to BBNaija Whitemoney, while in the big brother house, he will not fight for food, space or instigate a fight; rather, he will be the separator.

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BBNaija Whitemoney’s hobbies and dislikes

BBNaija Whitemoney believes his life exudes fun and is all about positive vibes and energy. BBNaija Whitemoney likes driving as part of his fun lifestyle. Whitemoney makes and produces music – another art he loves.

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For BBNaija Whitemoney, life has always been about hustling; he moved from the streets of Lagos to become part of the biggest reality Tv show in Africa, so it was no surprise when he revealed that he relishes hustling.

BBNaija Whitemoney likes to watch movies in his free time – a tool that helps to calm his nerves.

BBNaija Whitemoney, during his interview with Big Brother, disclosed his dislikes; BBNaija Whitemoney revealed that he hates back-bitters and hypocrites. According to him, he also hates gossip mongers and abhors where gossip is being discussed.

Whitemoney is one of the male housemates in the Big brother house

BBNaija Whitemoney was an Okada rider before his career in the business world.

BBNaija Whitemoney’s business career

BBNaija Whitemoney has made a career for himself in the entrepreneurial industry. He rose from being an okada man to being an importer and exporter of shoes.

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Before his journey into the Big brother house, BBNaija Whitemoney made a living through barbing, selling hair products and at some point worked telecommunication masts.

For BBNaija Whitemoney, his best achievement is his current business; he now is involved in the production of designer shoes. BBNaija Whitemoney wishes that the Big brother show will offshoot his business career to stardom.

BBNaija Whitemoney’s relationship status

BBNaija Whitemoney is single and has no romantic partner as of press time. He is also open to finding love while in the big brother house.

BBNaija Whitemoney’s net worth

BBNaija Whitemoney has a successful business career which is his major source of income. BBNaija Whitemoney is expected to accumulate more wealth while in the big brother house.

BBNaija Whitemoney’s current net worth is estimated to be fifteen million naira only (N15,000,000).

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