Barrister Babu Written Update 9th November 2021: Bondita Slams Batuk Badly

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The 9th November 2021 episode of Barrister Babu written update, begins where Bondita expresses her feelings in front of goddess Durga that if she is alive so Anirudh can not pass away, because as far as she has concerned they are two bodies and one spirit. Meanwhile, she asks her for help because only she can help her in this hard time, so please guide her to figure out the entire truth. Spontaneously, Bondota hears Trilcohan and Batuk’s conversation where they are saying that Bondota is a widow and now she knows the truth as well, so, therefore, now there is a lack of chances to get her baby.

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At the same time, Bondita wonders that how could they change up to this level because she never ever expected that her elder will betray her. Hence, she goes to her room and starts crying as her heart got shattered properly, meanwhile, Batuk arrives and apologizes to her by saying that he knows that nowadays his behavior is becoming the subject of worry for Bondita. But he can not do anything because it is a matter of their child, and meanwhile, asks her to come with him outside so that, she will get some good vibes.

Then Batuk brings “Rasgulla” for Bondita as she likes it a lot but as soon as she gets it, her old memories hit the bricks because she got acquainted with the truth of Anirudh’s sudden demise. Hence, she comes in front of Anirudh’s portray along with Rasgula’s bowl and says that she can not eat this unless her husband arrives back and feeds her with his hands. In short, she takes a pledge that as long as Anirudh comes she will never touch even a single piece of any sweet, no matter what happens.

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Meanwhile, she inwardly requests to goddess Durga for help and pronto a flower falls on her head from the statue of Goddess Durga, which indicates that Anirudh is alive and soon will return to his residence. On the other hand, Bondita sends Batuk outside from the mansion as she has decided to go out to find Anirudh. But extempore he comes back and catches Bondita red-handed by saying that she is trying to escape them. Then Bondita reveals the truth by saying that she has known his conspiracy against her, so therefore she does not want to stay with them ahead, no matter what happens.

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