Baby born with four arms and legs now local celeb as people flock to see infant


A baby born with four arms and legs has been idolised by locals who believe the child is an incarnation of God.

The newborn’s mother has been flocked with visitors in Sadar Hospital, eastern India, since she gave birth on Tuesday, January 17.

The child, whose gender is yet to be revealed, has become a local celebrity for its unique appearance and extra limbs.

Video footage shows the child being surrounded by fascinated residents as they took pictures of the child and their exposed organs.

The child could be seen resting in a basket full of colourful sheets placed on the mother’s lap as she sat upright in a hospital bed.

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The baby was born on Monday

Despite many believing the child’s condition is related to religion, doctors have confirmed that the birth defects are due to a pregnancy complication.

It comes after a six-year-old girl became famous for having “two noses and a trunk” in Uttar Pradesh, north India, the Daily Star previously reported.

Lakshimi was branded a Hindu god after star-struck locals believed the child was an incarnation of Lord Ganesha.

The baby was born with some of its organs exposed
The baby was born with some of its organs exposed

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She originally caused fear amongst other children who were left frightened by her looks, but she soon became popular after her trunk was surgically removed, which resulted in two noses.

At festivals, the little girl is offered an array of gifts and money – with people even begging the child for her blessings.

Many locals have been flocking to the hospital to see the newborn baby
Many locals have been flocking to the hospital to see the newborn baby

However, her family wants her to lead a more normal life but has been advised by doctors to wait until she gets older so medics can see what cosmetic surgery can be carried out.

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It has been reported that her family cannot afford another surgery and are currently in the process of searching for financial aid ahead of her growing up.

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