The streets of Sydney, Australia have been torn apart by a vicious high-tech gang war between two groups allegedly responsible for 13 contract killings in the last 18 months alone.

It’s thought the Hamzy and Alameddine crime gangs are fighting each other for the honour of resupplying the city with drugs after the Covid pandemic caused business to stall reports the Mail.

Australian Police have found themselves unable to stop the killings due to the high-tech gear the gangs have been using which include car trackers, motorbikes and unmarked guns.

As pressure mounts on the police to do something to quell the violence engulfing the city, Stuart Smith, an Assistant Commissioner of the New South Wales Police has reportedly begged ministers for help in a secret briefing.

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Police have cracked down and seized weapons

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the cop is recorded as saying: “We’re swinging a pool noodle and they’ve got guns.”

In a bid to stop the violence, New South Wales State Police have formed a ‘super taskforce’ with the Australian Federal Police named Erebus.

And though only a week old, the task force has already earned their first scalp as this morning (Tuesday, May 17) they arrested seven people and seized three guns.

Commenting on the arrest, NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb said Task Force Erebus would seek to disrupt the outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMCGs).

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She said: “We established Taskforce Erebus earlier this week in response to the recent violence which has plagued south-west Sydney and it was made clear arrests would swiftly follow.

“This morning, we have executed a number search warrants and as a result, seized numerous firearms and arrested seven people for a range of serious offences – all allegedly members or associates of OMCGs.

Police have committed to tackling the violence

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“I want the community to be reassured operations under Erebus have a long way to go, and we will inflict further damage on these criminal networks in the days and weeks to come.”

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Australia’s Deputy Premier and Minister for Police Paul Toole added that police would show no mercy to the gangs.

He said: “These arrests are just the tip of the iceberg. Police will be in their face, disrupting their lives every second of the day.

“Make no mistake; these are not ordinary people living ordinary lives. They are violent criminals and deserve to be locked up.”

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