Fans are eager to learn whether Camille and Ben are still together after Below Deck season 10 and anticipate that Camille will soon be fired from the show.

While they were filming their showmance together in early 2022, the showmance couple continued to post images of their romantic interactions on Instagram.

To find out if they are still dating or not, read the article through to the end. Additionally, learn fascinating details and a lot of information about Camille and Ben, two of your favorite celebrities.

Who Is Ben Willoughby?

Deckhand Ben Willoughby, who was born and raised on Australia’s Gold Coast, calls himself a “ocean child at heart.” Ben first set sail in 2020 when he joined a mega yacht crew in France, inspired by a childhood friend’s yachtie lifestyle.

Ben has spent the past three years working as a deckhand and personal trainer on yachts, fusing his love of the water and his passion for fitness.

He is a social guy who firmly believes that “a Pina Colada is always a good decision.” This adventurous Aussie is determined to make a statement on the St. David’s deck.

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Who Is Camille Lamb?

Boating has always been in Camille’s blood because her family is made up of merchant mariners. Camille is a natural-born yachtie who has been sailing since she was 9 and has a passion for the ocean, the beach, and exploring new places. Camille, who enjoys both singing and writing, participated in the previous season of “American Idol.”

After being defeated, Camille got lost and went back to her aquatic roots. Camille was able to land a job on a day-charter yacht in the Virgin Islands with nothing more than her prior sailing experience from childhood.

Camille has since completed more formal yachting training and gained work experience in Miami and Los Angeles. This season, Camille joins St. David as a deck/stew and works both on deck and inside the yacht; however, because she is split between the two, she loses motivation while on board.

are ben and camille still together

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Ben Willoughby Of Below Deck Comments On The Camille Lamb Relationship

Ben recently visited the podcast Above Deck to talk about everything Below Deck. His relationship with Camille was brought up fairly quickly.

The deckhand acknowledged that the boatmance was a hot topic for Season 10 of Below Deck. Ben acknowledged that there was a strong chemistry between them and likened it to a love story that raises doubts about the reality of relationships.

“Being there with her at that time was amazing. She was going through a really difficult time, and I think she leaned on my shoulder for that, so we genuinely just had each other on this boat,” he said.

Ben paused before disclosing any additional information. The mid-season trailer for Below Deck revealed that a new crew member was actually one of Ben’s former loves. Ben didn’t specifically address that, either, but he did hint that the hit sailing show would cover a lot more of his story.

are ben and camille still together

Are Ben Willoughby And Camille Lamb Still Together?

The relationship status of Camille and Ben is not revealed on either person’s Instagram. They only occasionally post about one another; they’ve all shared photos of themselves together to promote the show.

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They both don’t seem to be involved in any new relationships, which might mean they are still together. That could, however, be a ruse to keep Below Deck viewers guessing until Season 10 is over.

If they are still dating, Ben and Camille are doing a great job of keeping it a secret. At least according to social media, the two of them have not even recently been in the same place.

There’s a chance that Ben and Camille are apart today. Below Deck, relationships often fizzle out very quickly.

If Ben Willoughby and Camille Lamb are still together, only time will tell. However, the fact that Ben had such glowing things to say about Camille does suggest that at the very least, they are still friends.

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