Apapa: 3 men come out unharmed after container fell on the car they were in (Video)

Dos Quebradas

mile Three unidentified men came out miraculously unharmed and safe after a truck fell on the car they were inside.

Spoleto An eyewitness made a video showing the men who came out of the car which was already compressed and mangled after the container fell on the car, in an accident which occurred at Liverpool in Apapa, Lagos.

http://surveybase.co.uk/manor-house-cheltenham/ The crowd who gathered at the scene of the accident could not believe their eyes, they were amazed as to how the men survived the accident unscathed.

Social media user who shared the video on his page, wrote;

Who says God is not alive? Who says God doesn’t do miracles?”.

Watch the video below.

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