Angry Tacha’s Titans Tear Sir Dee’s Shirt During Homecoming Party (Video)

Tacha’s homecoming was an exciting time for Titans as the fans who got too excited to see Tacha bounced her co former housemate Sir Dee and torn his shirt.

It so happened that Tacha, Sir Dee and few other housemates who accompanied Tacha to Port Harcourt for the events, locked themselves up in the car, refusing to come out due to the massive crowd at the event.

Fans kept telling at them to alight from the car but they bluntly refused, especially Sir Dee who was obviously looking tensed and confused.

But after much pressure,  Sir Dee alighted from the car and fans rushed at him, tearing his shirt in the process.

In a live video on IG, Tacha asked her fans why they tore Sir Dee’s shirt. ‘But why do you have to tear Sir Dee’s shirt though’, she asked.

However, a Nigerian lady, identified as Berriegold has decided to apologise to Sir Dee for tearing his cloth during Tacha’s homecoming party.she said she  travelled all the way from Enugu to Port Harcourt just to see her favorites, yet she couldn’t even get the chance to come close to them or take a single picture.

And she had to tear  his shirt and took  the piece of his cloth home, as compensation for her time and effort.

Watch the video below;

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