Andy Fletcher was a founding member and keyboardist for the new wave electronic band Depeche Mode.  

Depeche Mode legend  

Andy Fletcher formed Depeche Mode in 1980 with Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, and Vince Clarke. Clarke left the group after their debut album, going on to form the groups Yaz and Erasure. Fletcher played synthesizer and keyboard parts with the band including bass parts, strings, and samples. Lead singer Gahan and guitarist/keyboardist Martin Gore were more visible as the band’s fame grew internationally yet Fletcher remained an integral member of the band. Depeche Mode has sold over 100 million records and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Fletcher was also a DJ and sometimes performed at festivals.

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Notable Quote

“We’re a democracy. If someone doesn’t want to do something then we won’t do it.” “Martin and Dave live in the US and I live here, but it doesn’t really affect our relationships. Me and Martin are very close. Dave is more like a brother to me – if that makes sense. But what makes bands better than solo artists is the electricity that’s generated. Sometimes a band can’t stand each other but that electricity makes for great music. It’s the same with Depeche Mode; we have moments where we don’t like each other, and moments when we love each other. It’s the electricity that’s generated between us all that produces the good music.” – Interview with The Skinny in 2017  

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