After Seven Long Years of Rotting away in Bed With Severe Pains, See what finally Happened to Oliver

If you can recall, few months ago, the story of a young lady languishing away in pain came online for the first time.

This story was posted on Youtube by Afrimax English and it covers the tragic and painful story of young promising Oliver who was bedridden for good seven years due to a spinal cord injury she sustained in an accident.

Owing to lack of money, she had no choice than to endure a life of inactivity and constant pains with total dependence on her sister to take care of her like a baby as she couldn’t sit, stand, walk or move. They practically had to carry her about.

However, her story took a turn for the better after it was shared online. Cash donations were made by well meaning people and Oliver was able to afford the necessary medical care.

Thus began her way to recovery. She was operated upon and placed under the expert hands of a physiotherapist. With time, she began to sit up and stand on her own. Now, she can even walk with the aid of clutches. A task she and her sister never imagined she could ever perform again, all thanks to Afrimax and Kind hearted people who donated for this good cause.

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