The richest child in Africa reportedly owned his own fleet of supercars and a collection of mansions before he turned 10.

Nine-year-old Muhammed Awal Mustapha goes by the moniker of Mompha Junior on Instagram where the flashy pre-teen shows off his eyewatering fortune to his 25,000 followers.

Muhammed is the son of multi-millionaire Ismailia Mustapha who also goes by the name of Mompha on Instagram and has just as expensive a taste as his son.

He made his staggering wealth through being the chief executive officer of Mompha Burea De Change, Lagos Island.

A quick glance through Monpha Senior’s own Instagram account shows that flashiness runs in the family.

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The pocket-sized property mogul has an impressive fortune

The businessman is not shy about showing off his supercars, private jets, and luxury mansions that he owns throughout the world including in Dubai and Nigeria.

In many of the photos, he is handling large wads of money – just in case you weren’t aware he was stinking rich.

And if Mompha Junior’s Instagram is anything to go by, he could soon eclipse his dad.

He regularly flies on private jets

The nine-year-old’s page is awash with pictures of supercars and money and the clothes he wears aren’t cheap either.

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Glad entirely in GUCCI, Muhammed looks every inch the rich kid he is as he poses on the planes and cars that he and his father own.

Muhammed owes a lot of his glittery possessions to his dad who bought him his first car (a silver Bentley) when he was just 6.

Mompha Junior's dad is multi-millionaire Ismailia Mustapha
Mompha Junior’s dad is multi-millionaire Ismailia Mustapha

His dad also bought him his own mansion, an achievement that he reportedly believed was worthy of praise.

Taking to Instagram, he heaped praise on his son, writing: “The youngest landlord who wears Gucci and still owns a house.

“He deserves some accolades cos he has paid his dues in full.”

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