Famed former Italian porn star Cicciolina has offered Russian president Vladimir Putin a night of elderly passion in exchange for peace for Ukraine.

The 70-year-old, who was previously married to American artist Jeff Koons offered up the steamy evening in an Instagram post, where she offered herself to the Russian president for him to end his invasion.

Russian forces first entered Ukraine on February 24, and peace talks between Ukraine and Russia have continually stalled.

But Cicciolina, a former politician in the Italian parliament and singer of raunchy songs, believes her offer could persuade the Russian president into bringing peace to Ukraine.

Cicciolina, real name Ilona Staller, has offered Putin a night of passion in exchange for peace in Ukraine

Taking to Instagram, the former porn star wrote: “My message of peace, against war and for Russian President Putin. I offer myself for a night of sex, in exchange for peace for Ukraine, for the Russian people!”

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Her offer for a passionate night with the Russian despot comes off the back of her appearance on reality TV show The Island of the Famous.

Cicciolina’s steamy offer is not the first time she has tried to make peace with despot leaders in a night of passion, famously offering Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein a night together before the outset of the Gulf War.

Cicciolina took to Instagram to offer the Russian president a passionate night
Cicciolina took to Instagram to offer the Russian president a passionate night

The 70-year-old’s post racked up over 1,000 likes on Instagram, although it appears her offer has yet to reach Putin, who famously has no interest in social media or smartphones.

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In 2018, the Russian president admitted that he did not own a smartphone, with Business Insider reporting that Putin had spoken to scientists in Siberia, saying: “You said that everyone has smartphones. But I don’t have a smartphone.”

The Kremlin has yet to comment on whether the Russian president will take up Ciccolina’s offer, with the allegedly ailing president yet to reply to the Instagram post.

The 70-year-old has yet to receive a reply to her offer
The 70-year-old has yet to receive a reply to her offer

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Putin’s health is said to be worsening, with various reports indicating that the potentially ailing president could be suffering from cancer or Parkinson’s disease.

Speculation over the health of the Russian despot has not stopped Ciccolina, real name Ilona Staller, from offering up a passionate night in exchange for peace in Ukraine.

Staller gained notoriety for being the first woman to bare her breasts on live Italian TV in 1978, and subsequently appeared in her first pornographic film in 1983.

She soon found herself in politics, sitting as an MP in the Italian parliament from 1987 to 1991.

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