Adorable 2-year-old boy shows great skill as he bakes his own birthday cake.

A little boy showed his knowledge of baking in a video that went viral on the net. In the video, it was seen that the two years old boy was baking his birthday cake.

The little boy could be seen mixing the ingredients one after the other and tasting the mixture to be sure it tastes nice.

Social media users were impressed with the boy’s baking skill and commanded him. In a video that was shared by Steven Harvey, the little boy could be seen requesting for ingredients from his mum and mixing them one after the other.

After mixing all that needed to be mixed, he tasted it and confirmed that it was okay, after which he gave his mother to also taste it. The two-year-old boy baked his birthday cake himself.

As soon as he finished, he wished himself a happy birthday and had a bite of the cake. Facebook users were impressed with what the little boy did and took to the comment section of the post to commend him.

Mary Elizabeth wrote:

“Now that is what I’m talking about. Mom is helping him learn how to make a cake, and he is very well mannered. I love how polite he is to his mom.” Nailah Watson wrote: “So sweet and so well mannered and well behaved! So cute. Reminds me of my daughter at that age, helpful but messy.” Tina Mcgowan commented: “How adorable!! Well mannered, love that mother is not correcting him at all how.

Oluchi Akahara commented: “He was definitely a baker in his past life. The best thing was watching him use his manners and tasting time.

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