Adam Levine Fan Hugging Viral Concert Video: Maroon 5 Singer Explains His Reaction After Backlash

Maroon 5’s lead vocalist Adam Levine is grabbing the headlines after a video went viral of a fan grabbing in during a live show. However, it is not a new thing when a fan jumped over a stage just to hug his/her star but this time the singer did something which is not supposed to happen, and therefore he is surfacing on the internet with his reaction to the fan moment. You must be thinking that how can a reaction go viral and become a controversial deal, so stick around because here you will get the complete update.

Adam Levine Fan Hugging Viral Concert Video: Maroon 5 Singer Explains His Reaction After Backlash

Well, the singer is facing outrage after reacting to a fan’s moment where a girl jumped on the stage to hold him. The incident happened at the Hollywood Bowl last Saturday 23rd October 2021, where the band was performing for Audacy’s eighth annual “We Can Survive” charity concert. In the clip that went viral on social media, you can see that lead singer Levine is singing “Sunday Morning” where he is seeing totally lost in the song and singing with his closed eyes suddenly a fan comes closer to him, and at that when his eyes were closed.

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Adam Levine Fan Hugging Concert Video Goes Viral

She touches him and when security takes the girl down off the stage, post which the singer gets shivered and mouthed “Fuck” and this word became the controversial deal of his career as he is getting outraged. Adam Levine’s video went viral where he can be seen showing the frustration over some unwanted fans or better say over-obsessed ones. As you all know that he is not a small name in the musical world and as per the expectations the viral video has crossed more than 9 million views that is showing anger in fans. As per the reports it also came into view that he should be thankful towards his fans instead of being frustrated with the fans due to whom he is a star today.

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However, the singer then took his Instagram account on Tuesday to react to the viral clip from the live show where he said “I have always been someone that loves, respects, worships our fans”. As per this, you can see that he is hurt as well, he continues to say that without fans they are nothing, and then he told that being on the stage is not an easy deal because thousands of people are here just to see you and if you do anything wrong then you will land on the news headlines before stepping down from the stage.

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