Ada Jesus was a proud mother before her death, see photos of her spending time with her baby girl

Following th e untimely death of Ada Jesus, her family and fans have been plunged into a deep pool of sorrow.

Ada Jesus  rose to prominence recently as a result of her illness, was a mother and a warrior, but she couldn’t defeat death and, after a long struggle, she succumbed to its will.

If it hadn’t been for the controversies that her illness created among Nigerians, Ada Jesus’ death would not have been as public.

Ada Jesus was advised to beg some of the top personalities she had humiliated and called fakes before her death, and she was taken to various hospitals and medical specialists for care, but her health was not as good as people predicted.

Ada Jesus went through various levels of agony before succumbing to kidney failure and dying.
One positive aspect of her death is that she asked for forgiveness before she died.

Ada Jesus was a mother who loved spending quality time with her daughter in addition to becoming a comedian. Images from her comedy page show how devoted she was to her children as a mother.

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