Actress Lynda Clems and husband welcome a child;O=A Nollywood actress, Lynda Clems cum Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) 2006, contestant, and her husband are celebrating the birth of their new born purchase stromectol baby.

The actress who announced the elating news on social media shared photos of herself and hubby, as she gorgeously rocks her baby bump.

She shared the photos with the caption;

‘Faithful God🙏🏿’

See beautiful photos;

Lynda who already had her first child few years back, shot into the limelight after she participated in the in Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) 2006 in which she emerged the Last Girl Standing. But it wasn’t the celebrated feat of being the last female champion in the gruelling competition that made the University of Abuja graduate popular; it was her antics during the show that earned her the enfant terrible tag. Though, she appeared in a few films, the Enugu-born actress has maintained a low profile in Nollywood even as she climbed into the top echelon of Abuja’s high society.


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