A Man shoot and kills himself whiles boasting of ” juju powers”

Tragic news in Sankore as a man, identified as “bullet” shot and killed himself whiles boasting of having a supernatural bulletproof which is a protection from death and gun shots.

According to a source, Bullet is a strong NPP supporter and a rascal in the Sankore community.

Narrating the event, the source disclosed that, early morning Bullet feeling ecstatic decided to paint all the streets in Sankore with NPP colors.

He then left the scene to his house to switch his t shirt to the cloth he believed to be the  be supernatural bulletproof and went back to his bizarre job.

As people came out in their numbers to witness why a sane man would paint the street, Bullet decided to entertain his newly gained fans with a gun show.

He choose himself as the target and fire away, miraculously nothing happened for the first but the second was the end of his fate.

He died for a gun shot wound in the chest on the road to a community hospital.

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See photo below:

A Man shoot and kills himself whiles boasting of " juju powers"

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