Migraines can cause torment so intense that lone the individuals who have encountered it can really comprehend. Getting help is extremely troublesome, and commonly, traditional cures don’t work.

Here are some unusual tips for treating migraines. If you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked, what do you have to lose by trying just a few more remedies?

Make a 100% natural smoothie.

8 Unexpected Remedies for Migraines That Really Work
Usually, migraine remedies have a bitter taste that stays in your mouth for hours. That’s why we bring you this delicious shake recipe. Besides curing your migraine, it will do a lot of good for the rest of your body.

Change the bedding.

8 Unexpected Remedies for Migraines That Really Work
If a migraine attacks you right when you wake up and doesn’t leave you until you get out of bed, it’s not a coincidence. The bedding may be the culprit. It seems that when it’s made of acrylic or polyester, it emits a certain type of gas that triggers allergies, including headaches.

Drive with the windows open.

8 Unexpected Remedies for Migraines That Really Work
Some car interiors emit gases such as xylene, benzene, and acetone, which can trigger migraines, stress, and drowsiness. That’s why we recommend opening the windows to allow the circulation of air and the escape of gas.

Hold a pencil between your teeth.

Put a banana peel on your forehead.

Take a clean banana peel and rub some alcohol on it. Lie down, put it on your forehead, tie it with gauze, and leave it there for half an hour. The peel will absorb the accumulated toxins and relieve the migraine. Do you dare to try it?

Drink salt in lemon juice.

Salt has many properties that strengthen your immune system and balance the substances in your body. With this simple recipe you can fight migraines: Add a teaspoon of salt to half a glass of lemon juice and drink the mixture. It’s simple but very effective. The relief is almost instantaneous!

Press your hand where your thumb and forefinger meet.

8 Unexpected Remedies for Migraines That Really Work

Try yoga.

Perhaps the solution to your pain is to treat the emotional cause, and that’s where yoga can help. It is believed that a migraine manifests itself as a blockage in people who limit themselves to being what they really want. This could be because of someone else or because they don’t believe in themselves. When you feel the first symptoms of a migraine, take time to reflect and do the positions of “downward facing dog” and “child’s pose.”

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