8 Signs That Shows Your Phone Is Being Monitored By Someone

There are a great deal of ways your telephone can be monitored by somebody without you knowing. Making a solid secret word can’t save your telephone from programmers, particularly when you have something that they need.

There are many app that hackers can use to monitor your phone without your consent.

Below are eight possible signs that shows that your phone is being monitored by someone:

7. Your battery is overheating due to the fact that your data is being downloaded from your phone to other devices.

6. High data usage.

5. Your phone suddenly turns on when you’re not using it.

4. Your phone’s percentage is quickly drained. This could be a sign of spy app on your phone.


3. Sudden app pop-up especially when you didn’t use the specific app. Is an indication that your device is being monitored.

2. Your phone starts lagging despite the fact that you don’t have many apps. There’s possibility that your phone is being monitored.

1. You suddenly find it difficult to shutdown your phone, which is a sign that someone is using a spy app to prevent you from shutting down your phone.

If you suspect that you are being monitored through your device, quickly backup your important files I.e. WhatsApp, media, etc. Then format your phone. Or better still, report to the authorities.

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