78-year-old Grandma apprehends intruder at gunpoint till police arrived

A 78-year-old Washington State grandma has stopped an intruder in his tracks and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

The granny, who only gave her first name, Sandy, said that a man was trying to break into her home.

She knew something was wrong when her dog started barking, she said. When she went to see what was going on, she and the suspect briefly stared each other down.

Then he tried to get away.

And I said, ‘Oh, no you don’t. You stay right there,’” she told the station. “And I reached over and got my shotgun and I cocked it and I told him to stay right there because he was going to turn and walk away.”

“Told him to go out, sit on the steps,” she continued. “I followed him out. And when he got to the bottom of the steps I told him to sit down and I just stood here with the shotgun waiting for the police to come.”

Sandy said she was “totally calm” through the whole ordeal and told the helpless intruder, “You know, I’ve got grandchildren your age.”

She even asked him why he wanted to break in and got a disturbing response.

He said, ‘Well, you know, I was really hoping to get laid,’” the granny told the outlet.

In the end, the woman declined to press charges against the suspect and he was released.

“After he was so meek and mild and sat down like I told him to, [it was] empowering!” she said. “I felt like at least I was in charge, I wasn’t afraid.”

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