5 Photo Manipulation and Editing Tips for Beginners

Every year, the average person takes 185 pictures and over 340 million of them are uploaded onto Facebook every day! You may be a fan of snapping photos to document your life, but the reality is, that many of them aren’t so great.

You don’t want to delete these precious memories, but you want to have photos that look amazing. A great compromise is to use photo manipulation and editing to elevate these mediocre images to stellar ones!

Are you interested in learning more? Then keep reading for 5 tips to alter photos, even if you’re a beginner.

1. Crop Your Images

Maybe you’re looking at a picture and it looks good. But it doesn’t scream “great” to you. Sometimes, all it takes is some cropping to change that!

For example, if your subject is a person or animal with an intense look, opt out of the wide-body shot. Instead, crop the image so at least 50% of it is the subject’s face. This will immediately give it a stunning appearance.

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2. Adjust the White Balance

Does your picture have a weird tone? For instance, it might look too yellow or green. You can fix this by adjusting the white balance.

Depending on the software you have, there may be preset adjustments for the conditions you took the photo in, such as daylight, shade, or flash. If you don’t have those, then there should be sliders for temperature and tint. Experiment with these to get the perfect tone for your photos.

Photo Manipulation and Editing Tips for Beginners

3. Adjust the Saturation

Don’t stop at adjusting the white balance; you’ll want to tweak the saturation as well.

The higher you put the saturation, the more colours will pop and stand out. You want to be careful not to put the saturation up too high, as it’ll make your image look unnatural.

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4. Use Presets

Trying to edit entire images on your own can be time-consuming. You might even make it look worse in the end, and you’ll have to undo all the hours of work you put into it.

Thankfully, photo editing programs usually come with presets, which allow you to process your images in a few seconds. This can also be helpful for processing large batches of photos!

5. Use a Background Remover

A background remover is super handy if you have an excellent photo but something behind your subject’s bugging you. You don’t even need to download a program either!

Just go to the background remover site, upload your photo, and it’ll erase everything behind your subject. You can then insert another photo in the background to splice together a nice image.

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Photo Manipulation Can Help Your Pictures Shine

With a few photo manipulation tricks, you’ll be able to upgrade your images. But don’t forget to keep learning and experimenting, as that’ll help you grow as a photographer, even if it’s just a hobby.

With some time and experience, you’ll pick up some great photo editing techniques. And before you know it, you’ll have photos to treasure and look back on. You’ll be able to share them proudly!

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