35 rotten bodies reportedly recovered after Zambarmari massacre

At any rate 35 decaying bodies have allegedly been recuperated in Zabarmari zone of Jere, Borno state.

The discovered bodies are not the same as the assemblages of the 43 farmers that were butchered by suspects from the Boko Haram faction a weekend ago.

HumAngle reports that the newfound casualties were covered at the spot in light of the fact that the hunt group couldn’t move the gravely beheaded and disintegrating bodies.

On Saturday, November 28, suspected Boko Haram members attacked farmers in Zabarmari who were harvesting their rice. 43 bodies were initially counted and then buried on Sunday. November 29. Read here.

Many of the farmers, some of whom are said to be Internally Displaced Persons, are said to be missing. There are fears that the death toll from the incident will rise up as the days go by

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