2023: Tinubu’s detractors are enemies of Nigeria, says group

2023: Tinubu’s detractors are enemies of Nigeria, says group

From Noah Ebije, Kaduna

As Nigerians enter the era of declarations for 2023 presidency, a notable socio-political organisation the Disciples of Jagaban (DOJ) has declared those who are opposed to the bid of Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu as collective enemies of the masses.

The DOJ urged the masses to reject the shenanigans of the acclaimed ‘owners of Nigeria’ and prevent them from repeating the act of 1979 and 1999 when the wishes of the masses were truncated by the nation’s oligarchy.

The pro-Tinubu group expressed its opinion through its National Coordinator, Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje in a press statement on Friday.

The statement read in part, “Detractors of Tinubu are not just Jagaban’s opponents, they are the collective enemies of the people, and If Nigerians fail to stop them now, we may not be able to stop them for a very long time.

“Nigerians must reject the elite who are ganging up against Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s ambition to become the next Nigerian president.

“One major reasons they don’t want Tinubu is because they want to keep holding the nation by the jugular as the ‘owners of Nigeria’ against the interest of the masses.

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“We all know how these people appropriated the resources of Lagos State before the emergence of Tinubu on the scene in 1999. Except the respite brought by former governor Lateef Jakande, Lagosians had long been denied the dividends of democracy and fruits of good governance, despite the fact that Lagos was the capital of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“But since Tinubu took over the leadership of Lagos State, it has become a prosperous and a pacesetters state to date, under his guidianship and mentorship.

“They had ganged up to appropriate the larger chunk of Lagos resources through their military cronies. They simply assumed they were done with Lagos, until the restructuring reengineered by Asiwaju Tinubu changed the course of event, leading to total liberation of Lagos and the well-being of Lagosians, particularly traders from across the country.

“It’s therefore expedient for those who experienced the past hardships and insecurity to appreciate Tinubu’s courage to spread the joy and wealth that had been monopolised by the privileged few to the detriment of over 20 million Lagosians.

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“Their fear now is that the centralised stolen wealth would be redistributed to the advantage of the poor, should the ‘man of the people’ like Tinubu take the rein of power at the center.

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“It is the same capitalists who have turned the gold in Zamfara, Sokoto Katsina etc, from peaceful states to bandits bases.

‘It is their belief therefore that the ill-gotten wealth would be inherited by their children, grand children and great grand children.

“The Nigeria bourgeoisie and the beneficiaries of previous governments will surely not support Tinubu, because they know how he tamed their evil agenda to liberate Lagos State from their clutches, just as they know his capacity to repeat the same feat at the national level.

“While Tinubu was making heroes and giants; while he was making president, vice president, governors, senators and great men, these detractors are turning the children of the lowly to personal tools, political thugs, assasins.

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“Nigeria will not forget in a hurry, how sitting governors were either kidnapped amidst security convoy, brazenly rigged out power or removed by minority lawmakers.

“They all know Tinubu has the skills and the capacity to turn the fortunes of the country around with the support of God, hence they have deployed varying arsenals to distract or destroy him politically ahead of 2023 poll.

“Now that our principal has declared his intention to run for presidency, DOJ is appealing to its members and the entire Nigerian masses to understand why they must work and sacrifice tirelessly.

“We in the DOJ believe everything is not about money because we do have what money cannot buy – selflessness, dedication, sacrifice and unalloyed loyalty – the qualities those opposing our mission do not possess”.



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