14-year-old Motorbike Repairer Shares Touching Story Of How He Combines School And Work

14-year-old motorbike repairer shares touching story of how he combines school and work
14 year old boy

Ruphin Abdullah who lives with his father here in Accra but comes from Yendi in the Northern region has narrated how he combines school with work.

Abdullah was not forced into the trade, instead, he asked his elder brother to let him learn to repair motorbikes in 2020 when schools were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He attends Central Mosque and in JHS. According to him, he comes to the workshop to work after school and goes back to learn at night.

Abdullah is the last of three children; 2 boys and a girl. Ruphin lost his mother in 2012. His father transports luggage to and from the northern region.

”I only see my father in the evenings. We have breakfast together, then he goes to work. My elder brother is an ’okada’ rider whole my sister schools at Mampong Presec SHS,” he told Ayisha Bayipa on SVTV Africa.

He aspires to become a Doctor or a bank manager in the future.

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Kindly watch the full interview below;


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