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11 foods that can kill you before you know it. Check if you eat any of these foods

The list of foods I’m going to list here are foods that we eat everyday. It is not as if these foods are deadly, but when taken in excess or when another kind of specie is taken, it can kill. These foods are foods that can be found in your kitchen or you eat in restaurants. They are delicious but potentially dangerous.

Read so you know what you should watch out for before taking a bite.

1: Mushrooms .

Mushrooms are fungi, at the thought of fungi, I’m sure you know that doesn’t sound really nice. There are mushrooms that are edible and some are deadly, but do you know what, both the deadly and edible ones look the same. So be sure of the kind of mushroom you are eating.

2: Cherry Stones .

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Cherry stones are great when taken in little quantities, but deadly when taking in excess. They contain Hydrogen Cyanide which is so poisonous that a mere 0.1 gram of cherry stones can kill a 150 pounds man. So if eating cherry stones, take only one.

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3: Cashew nuts .

Firstly these are seeds not nuts, so that means you’ve been misled all the time. Their shells are deadly and have a coating of anacardic acids which can burn your skin if handled incorrectly or give you a stomach upset. In their raw state they contain Urushiol, a chemical found in poison ivy and can be lethal if consumed too much. Next time you want to eat cashew, think twice.

4: Ackee .

Found in West Africa, it is a delicious local favourite food. However if picked before fully ripening, it contains hypoglycin A which causes vomiting and hypoglycemia which causes death. It’s seeds are so dangerous that it was banned in US.

5: Rhubarb .

The leaves of the plant are deadly, they contain oxalic acid which causes burning on the mouth, throat and breathing difficulties, coma death.

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6: Kidney beans .

This beans is popular because it is regularly used for salad. However kidney beans contain high level of phytohemagglutinin making them toxic. However if cooked thoroughly, the poison can be killed.

7: Potatoes .

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The potatoes we eat are okay but green potatoes can kill you. It contains a poison called solanine which causes serious illness if eaten in larges quantities.

8: Peanuts .

About 1% of the US population have a peanut allergy making it the most common allergy. If you’re allergic and you ingest peanut related products, or even inhale it in the air, you can become seriously ill or even die.

9: Nutmeg .



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Nutmeg is hallucinogenic if eaten in large quantities. It can cause convulsions, palpitations, nausea, visual distortion and a sense of paranoia. It takes only three spoons for you to experience the effects. It is also highly toxic to dogs.

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10: Hotdog .

Hotdog has a dubious meat content. Hot dogs are the number one cause of choking related injuries in children under three. Chew slowly or they can choke to death.

11: Putterfish .

This fish is more poisonous than cyanide found in cherry stones mentioned in no. 2. They can cause a fast, violent, poisonous death. Many people die when amateur chefs try to cook this themselves. So a chef with at least two years of training and a license, is the only trusted person to cook a putterfish.

Too much of everything is dangerous. Try to eat in little quantities, you never know what is beyond that meal.

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